Elevate Your Space With Fornasetti

A Guide to Incorporating Iconic Designs into Your Home

A realm of visual poetry, enigmatic motifs, and surrealist fantasies, Fornasetti has captivated design enthusiasts and art aficionados for decades. The iconic Italian brand, founded by Piero Fornasetti, is revered for its blend of art, craft, and imagination.

For those seeking drama and sophistication in home decor, Fornasetti is the perfect choice. Known for intricate details and whimsical designs, the brand features Piero's muse, opera singer Lina Cavalieri, as its signature motif. Other popular motifs include animals, plants, and geometric shapes, spanning collections of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and decorative objects.

In this guide, we delve into the captivating world of Fornasetti, sharing secrets to infuse your home with its timeless charm. From bold decor to striking accessories, prepare for a transformation that turns your living space into a true masterpiece.

Fornasetti's vast array of collections caters to diverse tastes, ranging from the classic to the avant-garde. The signature 'Tema e Variazioni' (Themes and Variations) series is perhaps the most famous, featuring the enigmatic face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri. Other collections, such as 'Fior di Bacio' and 'Architettura,' showcase themes of nature, architecture, and surrealism, offering endless possibilities for creative expression in your home.

Scented Candles with a Twist:

Set the mood with Fornasetti's luxurious scented candles, housed in beautifully crafted ceramic vessels featuring iconic motifs.

Place these candles in unexpected corners, such as entryways or bookshelves, to create an intriguing visual and olfactory experience. As the fragrances fill your space, the stunning designs continue to enchant long after the candle has burned away.

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The Art of Wall Plates:

Turn your walls into mesmerizing galleries with Fornasetti's exquisite wall plates. Group them in clusters of different sizes and themes to create a dynamic and personalized display.

These decorative pieces showcase a variety of artistic themes, from the enigmatic face of Lina Cavalieri to playful animal motifs.

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Vases as Visual Poetry

Elevate your home with Fornasetti's intricately designed vases, which serve as both functional vessels and captivating statement pieces.

Mix and match vases of varying sizes, motifs, and colors, like the whimsical 'Smilzo Moustache' bold 'Fumo Fa Male,' or the intriguing 'Antipatico.' Create visually stunning arrangements on your mantelpiece, console table, or bookshelf.

Don't hesitate to think outside the box: repurpose these exquisite vases like the playful 'Smilzo Charlot' or the topsy-turvy 'Sottosopra' as utensil holders or plant pots for an unexpected twist. 

Creative Containers for Artful Organization

Infuse your daily routine with Fornasetti's decorative baskets, bowls, and trays, transforming mundane tasks into artistic endeavors. Arrange elegant containers like the 'Jar Civetta Piumata,' 'Box 200 Serratura,' or 'Wooden Box Kiss' on your coffee table or vanity for a visually appealing look.

In your home office, use Fornasetti's chic containers to organize stationery and accessories, elevating your workspace with a touch of elegance.

Explore the wide range of designs and motifs to incorporate Fornasetti's creative containers into every corner of your home, adding sophistication and charm to your everyday life.

Embracing the Fornasetti style in your home is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary. With its enchanting designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and a touch of surrealism, Fornasetti offers a unique opportunity to transform your living space into a work of art. Explore the brand's diverse collections and let your imagination soar as you create a haven that reflects your personal taste and style.