It’s no secret that MOOD by Christofle has redefined the art of table setting. Not only is it a new and unexpected way to present your cutlery, but the oviform case is a designed, thoughtful work of art - a centerpiece to dazzle your guests.

The silver-plated cutlery, presented vertically, is a unique and fun way for guests to help themselves, creating a new take from the traditional placing of cutlery around the table.

And given Christofle’s innovative philosophy coupled with keeping a modern way of living in mind, they have released a new MOOD collection – the MOOD Easy, exclusively available at Tanagra.

And we love it. Find out why along with all the other amazing details of our latest favorite piece by Christofle.

Meet The Mood Easy

A causal brunch, a picnic on the grass, a family night in, tea and dessert, cocktails and nibbles… the MOOD Easy is the perfect way to share those fun, informal moments with family and friends. 


Like its iconic predecessors, the MOOD Easy maintains its compact, streamlined shape – contemporary, with modern lines, delicate yet versatile and designed ergonomically for easy handling and use. 


Isn’t it just so beautiful?

The Stylish Exterior

Take a moment to appreciate the thoughtful design and artistic approach Christofle took with of the MOOD Easy’s exterior case. Available now in a new size of 27 cm, the stainless-steel case MOOD Easy is a decorative piece in its own right. 


The shape is comforting but elegant and inviting, adding a graphic and contemporary element to any table setting no matter the aesthetic, either traditional, modern or quirky, style of your home. 


The ovoid mirror-steel case, with a comforting and elegant curve, is no longer just a useful object, it becomes a graphic and contemporary decorative element that can be proudly displayed.


And can we talk about that silver glow? The shine you’ll notice on the surface of the egg-shaped case is thanks to the a signature process of Christofle which creates this dazzling and unique mirror effect.


Take a Look Inside

The MOOD Easy contains a set of cutlery all silver plated for six people and is ideal for more relaxed meals and get togethers from breakfast, brunch, teatime and dessert.


So, what’s inside?


Six Dessert / Starter Forks (h: 17 cm)

Six Dessert / Starter Knives (h: 19.6 cm)

Six Dessert Spoons (h: 17 cm)

Six Coffee / Teaspoons (h: 14.2 cm)

How To Use The MOOD Easy

The MOOD Easy is a lighter version of MOOD. You aren’t limited to using it only in the dining room or for formal occasions. It’s easily transportable from the dining table to the coffee table, to an outdoor setting, or any other fun and relaxed occasion.


Given Christofle’s thoughtful consideration on the design of the MOOD Easy, particularly its new size, the decorative object will look aesthetic pleasing in any interior environment from elaborate dining tables to coffee tables or in your outdoor entertainment set up. 

Why We Love The MOOD Collection

What’s there not to love about the MOOD collection? It’s redefining the art of the table! 

The ease and relaxed manner that the MOOD Collection presents cutlery, allows for more personal freedom with guests.

The MOOD Collection allows your guests to choose and take cutlery at their own convivence instead of adhering to the conventions of a pre-set table.

Take a moment and explore our range from the MOOD Collection here and redefine how the art of setting your table!

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