As one of the most social months of the year, Ramadan is often the time we catch up with family and friends. As tradition dictates, no one ever arrives to an iftar or suhoor gathering empty handed.


But choosing a Ramadan appropriate gift can be a little challenging. Which is why we’ve selected our favorite pieces that would make an ideal Ramadan present to spark joy in the home of whom ever you gift it to.

Sea Salt Vase by Rosenthal

You can always count on Rosenthal to keep things timeless and contemporary. The perfect gift for someone’s home no matter their aesthetic is the Sea Salt vase.


It’s refined, elegant, designed with modern lines which easily reflect the design choices in any interior. The handmade porcelain piece is a modern classic, brilliant for it sophisticated simplicity, bound to look breathtaking on a coffee or dining table with or without flowers.


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La Lithophanie by Bernardaud

Wouldn’t you be absolutely delighted if you were gifted any La Lithophanie piece from Bernardaud? We are absolutely smitten by them.

Delicate and beautifully engraved using the traditional techniques on fine, non-glazed bisque porcelain any La Lithophanie piece is a work of art and a pleasure to gift and be gifted.


Available in a variety of decorations, perfect to match any aesthetic, the glow of the candle shines through the raised and carved surface of the votive, contrasting light against shadow and revealing the richly detailed design on the surface.


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The Tea Box by Aya

There’s nothing like a gift that combines the functionality and design.

The Tea Box by Aya, is a minimal design with geomatic elements and a hint of oriental embellishments. Combining traditional design from the region in a contemporary way is one of the reasons why we appreciate Aya’s design aesthetic.


The Tea Box is designed to hold either a selection of tea, candies, or simple household items that need one place to sit. The plexi-glass base comes with movable dividers.

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Frames by Christofle

Elegant, decorative, timeless, modern and functional. Gift someone the means to capture precious moment with a beautiful frame by Christofle.


Picture frames are often under appreciated as design element in a home. Not only do they add depth to any surface, they are a literal window into our lives, our most precious memories and those who are dear to us.


Synonymous with creating timeless designs, Christofle’s frames are bound to subtly elevate your interiors. And for an extra special touch, you can customize personally engrave the frame with our free engraving service.


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