The power of scent is undeniable - especially during Ramadan.


Choosing the right scent is vital to infuse your home with a calming atmosphere during the fasting hours but also to add something special to your Ramadan events.


From oud notes, flowery fragrances, to the subtly citrus and powerfully sweet, the perfect scent will help create the right ambiance for you Iftar and Suhoor gatherings.


While spending time together from breaking fast with loved ones to enjoying suhoor with close friends, comes with its own perks, the right fragrance will definitely add a unique element to your gatherings making it a memorable time for you and your guests.


The world of fragrances can be daunting to navigate through which is why we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve chosen the four best fragrances to infuse your home for all your gatherings this Ramadan.

Ravintsara Ravina by Baobab

We absolutely love a Baobab Candle. Not only are their scents originally but their designs add an aesthetic element to your home too.


Our Ramadan pick is the Ravintsara Ravina scented candle and it’s not hard to see why.


The exterior is crocheted by hand by Baobab’s craftswomen in Madagascar and isn’t it absolutely mesmerizing?


We haven’t even got to the best part yet – the scent. Fresh, crisp with strong hints of mint and vetiver evoke a delicious garden infusion in your home that isn’t overpowering but also constantly present.


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Lemon Verbena by Agraria

Agraria really understand how to create the perfect blend of scents. Unique but not overwhelming their spicy fragrances have been described as liquid versions of potpourri. Which is why their Lemon Verbena Airessence diffuser is one of our Ramadan picks!


The diffuser is made from lemon verbena, musk, and jasmine, blended with genuine botanical ingredients and decorated with handmade sola wood. The scent is fresh, lively and will create an unforgettable aroma in your home.


We love the sculptural glass bottle which includes one of their handcrafted flowers. The flower’s stem absorbs the perfume-grade oils infusing the air with the fragrance – just like a real flower.


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Ravintsara Manga by Baobab

Didn’t we tell you that we love a Baobab candle? We simply had to add the Maxi Max Ravintsara Manga for obvious reasons.


First and foremost, the handmade crocheted blue raffia with natural leaf patterns is a joy to look at. Even after the candle has been used the generously sized jar will make the perfect decorative object in your home.


Now for the incredible scent.


Vetiver, sea salt and amber make up the fragrance of the candle. It’s a subtle yet powerful fragrance, that will infuse your home and your senses with zeal and energy.


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Lavender & Rosemary Petiteessence by Agraria

We couldn’t help ourselves. It’s simply a must to have another fragrance by Agraria. Can you blame us? Look how beautiful the Lavender & Rosemary Petiteessence is!


Aside from the obvious, the alluring purple color, the handcrafted flower – which by the way is environmentally friendly, the scent is a burst of botanical goodness. French lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and English amber is a luscious statement scent to infuse your home this Ramadan.


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